September 24, 2016

Homeowner’s Insurance

Mississippi Homeowners Insurance


Whether you own a house/condo or rent an apartment, where you live is a very important part of your life and your finances. No two homes are exactly the same, so why should your homeowner’s insurance be the same as everyone else’s? Having the right insurance policy might not be on your top list of priorities, but it will be when disaster strikes. Having an insurance policy that suits you and your home can make the difference between stress and relief in a disaster situation. Home insurance isn’t just another bill you pay every month. It is the one bill that you pay that can actually make you feel good. You can feel good because you know that if something bad was to happen, you’re covered. Here are a few things that you should know about home  insurance:

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance is a package policy that will provide financial protection in the event of damage caused to your home or even your liability for injuries on your property or property damage caused by you and your family members.


Do I need it?

The majority of people are not in a situation to be able to withstand the financial burden of losing their home without an insurance policy to help with the costs associated of rebuilding. Also, most mortgage companies require the homeowner to keep insurance coverage on the financed property.

There are different types of policies available for coverage on your property. Let us help you with choosing the correct type of policy and coverage limits depending on your specific situation and coverage needs.

Coverage Broken Down

Here are some types of Homeowners Insurance coverage:

  • Main Structure – This is an amount of coverage that will cover costs to repair or replace the structure of your home.  Some insurance companies recommend additional rider coverage to make sure that there is enough replacement value insurance when labor and materials cost more than your typical policy will cover.
  • Contents – This is the part of your policy that covers the contents of your home.  For the most part, normal policies don’t cover expensive items like jewelry and collectibles.  Sometimes, it is advised to place these items under insurance riders to make sure that they are covered.
  • Additional Structures – Parts of your property like your deck are covered in this part of your policy.  Be sure that you add new structures to have them covered.
  • Loss of use – This part of your policy can reimburse you for another dwelling until proper repairs are made to your home, in the event that the home is damaged beyond repair.
  • Liability – This is the part of your policy that pays for damage to someone else’s property up to the limits of your policy.


Homeowners Insurance In Ocean Springs

It’s great to have just what you need in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Give Gartman Insurance in Ocean Springs a call  at (228) 872-3881 or stop by so that we can get you a policy that best fits your needs.